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Although most people start spring cleaning when the weather gets warmer, winter is also a great time to declutter the inside of your home. With the harsh weather outside, there’s more time to spend indoors and look for different tasks or projects to complete. If you want to declutter each room this winter, there are a few important tips to follow to make it easier and more efficient.

Focus on Each Room

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the decluttering process if you have a lot of places to organize. Consider focusing on one room at a time to maintain the progress that you make and avoid abandoning certain areas. Create a schedule for the week and focus on working on one room each day. Monday can be set aside for decluttering the kitchen, and on Tuesday, you can work on your bedroom. Separating the entire project into smaller projects can make it easier to manage.

Pull Everything Out

It can be difficult to see everything that is hiding in drawers and cabinets if you don’t pull it all out and get a clear view of the items. Although it may create a mess, pulling out everything will allow you to view how many items you really own and put it all back in the correct place. Create three piles as you sort through everything, which includes what you want to keep, donate, and toss.

Deciding what you want to keep and toss can take a lot of time and can cause you to hold onto more than you actually need. Make a few rules to make the process more efficient, which includes donating anything that you haven’t used in the last year. Only keep items that you absolutely love to avoid holding onto anything that doesn’t offer a lot of value to your life.

Use Portable Storage Boxes

As you declutter your home this winter, use portable storage boxes for items that you don’t use all the time. Seasonal clothing, gift wrap, and Christmas decorations don’t need to be stored in your bedroom or hallway closet since you only need access to the items a few times each year. Label the portable storage boxes to make everything easy to find and store it away in a basement or attic where it’s out of sight. Transparent boxes are often the most ideal to use because they can allow you to view the contents when you’re looking for something specific like an Easter wreath or baskets for trick or treating.

Recruit Your Family Members

Include your family members in the process to make it quicker and more efficient.  You can designate each person to a specific part of the home or make them responsible for decluttering their bedroom. You can also establish new rules that include decluttering the house once every few months to stay on top of the belongings and prevent the space from becoming overwhelmed with items throughout the year.

Use Organizing Tools

As you tackle the garage, use tools for storing your garden tools, brooms, and rakes to ensure everything is easy to find. Take advantage of vertical space that is available to free up room on the ground and create a more spacious setting. You can also install bike racks or overhead racks for storage boxes.

With the right tools and system in place, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by decluttering your home this winter. You can enjoy creating a more functional and tidy setting to ensure it’s easier to spend time navigating the space each day.

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